Here is a song called Quarantimes that I wrote in April 2020 as much of the world was effectively shut down due to COVID-19. I then invited some friends to add new parts to the song. We built this in pieces, each person recording their part separately, from wherever they were weathering the pandemic. 

More about me:

My music career began at age 11, playing bass in the aptly-named group “Tinnitus,” with my older brother. “Local Boys Start Band,” raved the town newspaper. 


Since that glorious beginning, I’ve played and sung in an array of other groups and projects. As part of those groups, I’ve had the good fortune to sing in Carnegie Hall, share the stage with Joan Baez, and open for Neil Young in the US and Canada. Now I find myself starting a solo project for the first time. 


I write songs that reflect my eclectic tastes and places I’ve lived, from New York City to Mexico to the hills of Kentucky and East Tennessee. They explore themes of home, transience, love, existential dread and wonder, adventure, and satire, mixed with melodies that will make you hum and hop along. 


My songs are an amalgamation of my love for harmonies and hooks created by The Beatles, Beach Boys, and Bill Withers, stylings of cool crooners like Sinatra and Bennett, the imagery of poetic and quirky wordsmiths such as Andrew Bird, Mitski, and Courtney Barnett, with touches of country and rock from Gillian Welch, Neil Young, and the Avett Brothers that I hope will strike you as both unique and familiar. 


My intention is to create music that inspires thought, joy, laughter, connection, catharsis, and all the unnamed emotions in between. 

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